Give Your Eyes a Rest: “Palming” Exercise

May 6, 2010 at 12:43 pm Leave a comment

Try this simple exercise to rest and restore your eyes:

* find a position where you can support your elbows, breathe fully, and relax your body (at a desk, with pillows on the couch, or in bed)
* gently cover your closed eyes with your cupped hands; avoid touching the eyes or putting too much pressure on the face
* relax: let go of your usual planning and worrying thoughts. focus on the deep velvety blackness of your closed eyes; or visualize yourself in a warm, relaxing place

Do this for 10 minutes each day (before bed is nice); smaller palming breaks during the day are also very restorative!

Thanks to Rosemary Gaddum Gordon, who offers Vision Therapy in Cambridge MA and Eliot, ME, for this exercise.


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